Saying Thank You

You know how we as parents often teach our kids to say Please for the things they want and Thank You after they got it?

Kids usually pick up fast enough and make it a habit, but do we as parents practice that manners on our kids? I feel that we sometimes take for granted the things our kids do for us or maybe it's just me not having manners. =(

Naomi made me realize this yesterday. She was happily eating my pringles and I asked for a piece without even saying please.

I did not even say thank you too after I got it from her. She look at me finishing that piece of pringles then nudged me and said this: "Mummy say thank you to me!"

I was momentarily stunned for a moment before I got my senses back and said thank you to her while rolling my eyes.

It may seem funny in the beginning after telling my dad and SMBF then laughing it off thinking what a little adult she is.

After that, I gave it some serious thought.

What kind of a human would I want my daughter to be in the future?

Am I setting a good example/being a good role model for her?

I highly doubt so. She would probably think why she have to say please and thank you while the adults don't have to as she grows older.

I have decided to learn along the way together with Naomi as she grows up and practice what I preach.

If there are parents out there who are facing the same situations as I do, please do share it with me on how you manage to solve it.

Cheers! =)


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