I am officially unemployed as of today. It feels good not having to wake up early in the morning and mopping around the house the whole day. Have decided to be a full time blogger instead.

Just kidding! =P

Will be starting my new job next week. Taking a short break for now. Where will I be going? I can't tell you. It's some secret agent thing. If I tell you, I would have to silence you.

Actually, I'm just lazy to say it out. Ya. I know. Type so much rubbish can. Tell company name cannot. Aiyah.. Whatever lah!

Why did I leave my previous company? You ask. Ahhhhhhhhh.. That I would tell you.

Because the company management sucks big time!

This company has like the worst politics going on you can ever imagine. I'm appalled that they are not into real politics. They would have made it to the top but probably still not PAP's match la. Xiao Loong can pin them down with just 1 testicle, I mean finger.

Having a wimpy Japanese MD, mad dog GM (L), a scheming bitchy manager (D) and her pet dog (J) from the other team does not exactly help your position in the company.

Honestly speaking, I'm very sad to leave the company. My direct sales manager (T) and senior sales manager (F) are super nice to me and not to mention leaving SMBF behind. I'm happy to be working under them but the constant insults we get everyday from the above mentioned bastards, bitches and assholes are simply unbearable.

There are no real directions nor growth in the company. It's all about manipulating numbers and snatching others customers which serves no purpose at all if I'm the boss of the company.

Everybody knows what a vindictive bitch this D is. Using underhand means openly to get sales at the expense of other sales people benefiting only herself and her loyal pet dog (whom I personally think looks like shit with his humongous face and I secretly call him 大饼脸).

Despite many complaints, she has the support from L just because she has the ability to give him the numbers he want. He knows perfectly well what she has done and yet turn a blind eye to it. MD is wimpy and doesn't dare make any decision thus leaving it to L to decide everything.

I hope some day they turn around and bite him on the ass, that ungrateful bastard. Also never think about how he manage to get that GM position in the company. If not because of my senior sales manager (F) whom put in lots of good words for him in front of our previous MD, he think he can get in? Knn.. Pui! Look down on people who doesn't know how to 饮水思源。

People like them should all suffer for their actions and be shown no mercy. I pray karma bites them on their ass soon. Hopefully their actions doesn't affect their family the innocent parties.

Now I only hope that things will get better for T, F and SMBF. All the best!

~Always think before you act~


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