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Legoland Trip

Sorry for the late updates. Been really busy. So last week, I went to Legoland waterpark with my family over Christmas. We drove in and stayed at Hotel Granada. Pretty nice hotel. Got sunburnt badly at the waterpark but we had lots of fun though.

Below are some of the photos we took there.


A good friend of mine opened a Mookata store so I went down last night to give support with my sis, my darling and SMBF.
The food was really good. Highly recommended not because she is my friend but because it really taste very good.
I'm a honest and straight forward person. If the food ain't good, I would personally provide feedback to my friend and blog accordingly to how I feel.
But, it's really nice lah. Trust me. People who enjoy eating Mookata should really get your ass down there and give it a try.
The chicken is tender, pork belly is cut to just the right thickness that makes it so chewy and crispy and the prawns are really fresh. Very good quality food.
They are having a promotion now so what are you waiting for? Call them and reserve a table right away!
You can find more details from their facebook page. Just click here.

Looks really good right? Hurry up and go eat before the promotion ends! If you really like it, you can always travel down again even if the pro…