Have been polosoed by SMBF to have dinner at his aunt's place again. His Er Yi is around today too and this is the 1st time we are meeting her.

We are going to have a Korean dish called Army Stew.

This soup dish consists of pork, kimchi, cheese, spam, hotdog, vermicilli, maggie mee and some other stuff I'm not really sure of.

Honestly, I'm not a fan of Korean dishes. I dislike Kimchi though I have never tried it before but I'm not gonna bite into it no matter how much I like cabbage.

Apparently, this is gonna be a spicy dish so his aunt being very nice and thoughtful, cooked porridge for Naomi.

We will be starting in awhile. Shall give this dish a try and update again later.

Hope I don't spit out everything. =(

This is how it looks like in the midst of preparing. Just lacking the soup.

With soup

Update @ 9pm: To my surprise, the soup was really good! I'm gonna look for the recipe and try cooking it at home. It helps warming your body at cold and rainy nights like this.


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