Everything is fine

I'm sorry that I made some of you worried over my previous post.

I would like to thank those who showed concern over me and gave me wise advises.

I am fine now. Was an emotional wreck back then due to some hormone changes.

Was down with mild depression but I thank God it did not worsen over time. Not yet anyway.

SMBF took quite awhile to calm me down and assure me that I'm thinking way too much.

I'm sorry dear to put you thru this terrible ordeal. I hope I don't have a relapse again.

Will be having an advance Christmas dinner with family tomorrow. Looking forward to it.

We gonna have steaks cooked by Chef Raymond (My Dad) and also honey baked ham proudly sponsored by Kuku Koi. =)

More updates with photos tomorrow. I hope. (If I'm not too stuffed with good food.)


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