Naomi's photoshoot

Have decided to let Naomi try being a model since she like posing and taking photos so much. So I signed her up at a model agency recommended by my favourite aunt.

Like any models, before they are being chosen for any assignment, they must 1st have a portfolio so Naomi went for her photoshoot yesterday morning.

I must say, she looks really different after putting on makeup. Her dream come true being able to have cosmetics on her face. That vain pot.

The photoshoot went pretty smooth as Naomi was quite cooperative. Her photos won't be ready until after Christmas. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Hopefully, she will be chosen to model for some company. Even if she's not being chosen, I just really want her to have some exposure and I get to keep the photos! Below are some of the photos taken while she is having her hair done.

Ahhhhhhhh.. My sweet little angel. Mummy loves you! Muacks! Will post up her photos once they are ready. Stay in tune!


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