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I hate motion sensor light toilets!

Has anyone tried doing big business in a motion sensor light toilets before?
It's damn bloody irritating that when you are halfway thru your business when the lights go out on you covering you in total darkness.
It can be quite scary you know? Especially when you are all alone in it. Sudden total darkness surrounding you.
And it's not like the picture illustrated below where you just have to move your hands and lights come back. I don't understand which part of motion sensor it belongs to.

I kena a few times in such toilets. 1 of them is the toilets in Liang Court. Halfway through my big business, the lights went off.
Common sense tells me that I just have to move around abit with my hands as per picture above, it will activate the sensor and lights will come back again right?
BUT NO!!!!!!
No matter how I wave my hand, the lights will not come back! I even tried standing up, but still, the lights refuse to come back.
I was hoping someone would come into the toilet thus…

Everyone is sick

Naomi is still coughing though getting better.She has now passed the virus to everyone in the family.Mum has developed swollen eyes from the constant coughing. God bless her.Dad is still fine for now. Been coughing a little here and there but nothing serious. Hopefully, his condition don't worsen.SMBF is quite similar to dad. Coughing here and there with a bit of sore throat but nothing serious.For me, I started having some throat pains last Friday. Went to see a doctor on Saturday afternoon and gotten some anti-biotics.By Monday, my throat is no longer in pain but I started having itchy throat and coughing non-stop. Not to mention I'm also having my menses. Double the agony. (>.<)||I hope everyone gets well soon. Weather is really bad.

Naomi is sick

My poor little angel has fallen sick once again.It started from a cough then it lead to a flu and slowly fever.After seeing a doctor, she refuses to take her medication except for the fever one cause the rest taste really awful to her.She kept struggling while taking the medicine and spit it out spilling all over her clothes.She has no appetite for food and kept sleeping the whole day.Subsequently, she started to have constipation and had to use a lot of force to push it out while crying like mad.Thank goodness I have my mum and SMBF to help me out else I would have gone crazy.It really pains me to see her suffer like this. I hope she gets well soon.

Naomi's Photo shoot Photos

Naomi's photo shoot photos are finally here! You can also view the photo they chosen to put on their website here.

I'm so proud of her. Looking so professional and natural.