Everyone is sick

Naomi is still coughing though getting better.

She has now passed the virus to everyone in the family.

Mum has developed swollen eyes from the constant coughing. God bless her.

Dad is still fine for now. Been coughing a little here and there but nothing serious. Hopefully, his condition don't worsen.

SMBF is quite similar to dad. Coughing here and there with a bit of sore throat but nothing serious.

For me, I started having some throat pains last Friday. Went to see a doctor on Saturday afternoon and gotten some anti-biotics.

By Monday, my throat is no longer in pain but I started having itchy throat and coughing non-stop. Not to mention I'm also having my menses. Double the agony. (>.<)||

I hope everyone gets well soon. Weather is really bad.


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