I hate motion sensor light toilets!

Has anyone tried doing big business in a motion sensor light toilets before?

It's damn bloody irritating that when you are halfway thru your business when the lights go out on you covering you in total darkness.

It can be quite scary you know? Especially when you are all alone in it. Sudden total darkness surrounding you.

And it's not like the picture illustrated below where you just have to move your hands and lights come back. I don't understand which part of motion sensor it belongs to.

I kena a few times in such toilets. 1 of them is the toilets in Liang Court. Halfway through my big business, the lights went off.

Common sense tells me that I just have to move around abit with my hands as per picture above, it will activate the sensor and lights will come back again right?

BUT NO!!!!!!

No matter how I wave my hand, the lights will not come back! I even tried standing up, but still, the lights refuse to come back.

I was hoping someone would come into the toilet thus activating the lights back. It was really scary to be in total darkness where I can't even see my hands in front of me. Ghost stories that happen in the toilet flood my mind.

I had no choice but to open the door and wave my hand outside the door with some walking movement in order to activate the lights.

Can imagine if someone happens to walk in at that moment? How embarrassing it would be? I would probably bury my head in the toilet bowl if that happens.

Thus, I hate motion sensor light toilets!


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