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CNY is over..

Chinese new year is finally over. Did everyone had a good chinese new year?I was busy stressing over work during the period of cny therefore less updating of blog.Sighz.. Life is tough seriously. Shall talk more about it in the next entry.Have to work now.

Chinese New Year is coming!

Chinese New Year is approaching soon. Has everyone got their stuff ready? As I grow older, I'm no longer that enthusiastic about CNY. To me, it's just another holiday. Food is still a must to prepare so all that is ready. For clothing, I just chin cai bought a top to match with my jeans and I'm ready to go.It's more about Naomi this days. She might be too young to know what is CNY all about but it's a good time for gathering among the relatives and friends.I only enjoy the gambling portion. Hehe..Anyway, it's the last day of work before CNY arrives. People who are in the sales line like me, chiong fast and bring more orders in to end the year with a Big Bang! Huat ar!