So angry

Yo! Long time no see blog. Paiseh. A bit busy. Okay lah! I'm just lazy.

But see? I'm back. Only because I am extremely pissed off and I need to rant.

Problem is, I don't even know where to start and I don't want my current boss to potentially see my post before I can fire him.

Hmmmmm.. Take a deep breath and cool down. Chill babe chill.. I will try to blog more often if I'm not to busy reading on my kindle. A nicey nice present from SMBF. =)

I know this post is basically crap but I just felt like writing.

In this short span of time, I felt as though I have already pour out all my woes. Just that you guys can't see and read about it.

Deep breath and take a look at the cutest photo of Naomi you can find.

Awwwwww.. Ignoring the above fat face. I feel my anger subsiding by a little. I can't stand it when she makes faces like this. I so love my little angel. <3


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