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Living with 3 kids

Ever since my sis shifted home, I don't see my niece and nephew as often as last time which is like everyday. I see them once a week. Even when they occasionally sleep over at my place, they often fall asleep when they arrive at my parent's house.

Only recently when I stayed over my sis place for a few days, did I get to bond with them but honestly, staying at home with 3 kids is seriously no joke. The amount of mess they create, not to mention the shouting, screaming and squealing is horrible. Kudos to my sis helper who can handle 2 on a daily basis. Their temper no joke.

But there are also really funny and cute moments. Like how they complain about one another to me. If the complain is not resolved in time, the squealing and crying starts. That one not fun liao.

Sometimes, they sell each other out or as I like to call it, baotoh. Hahaha.. Go behind each other's back and spill out secrets of what wrong the other has done thus causing punishments to take place.

The past we…

Chinese blog

I have always wondered about people wrote the blogs in Chinese. Usually 2 lines into the blog I fell asleep. I can never understand what is it like to be writing in Chinese. I have decided to give it a try today. Here goes nothing,



Alright! That was my pathetic attempt at writing a Chinese blog. Not that my Chinese is not good. In fact, fyi, I excel in my language very well indeed. I just prefer to converse in English.

I feel like I can convey my feelings much better in English than in Chinese even though I had like a higher score in my Chinese than in English. That's weird now when I think back about it.

Anyway, I just did a very bo liao thing. I tried translating whatever I wrote in Chinese on Google Translate and this came out.

"Today is a sunny day, but I feel very fucking boring. So I just wanted to try to write the Chinese language blog, or else you think I fucking…


The toilet upgrading works at home has already started. I packed the bags for Naomi and myself and fled to my sister's place overnight to seek refuge. I truly thank my sister and brother-in-law for their graciousness to accept us into their homes for the next 10 days so we can avoid suffering.

Some of you may think I'm exaggerating here but I bet you don't know the half of it, unless you had the same thing done to your home then yes, of course you will understand what I'm talking about and know exactly how I feel.

I think my house at this moment looks like a war zone that has been hit by a sandstorm. I feel sorry for the 4 brave souls that has decided to stay back to brave the storm despite how dirty it's gonna be. Let me applaud the 4 brave warriors that is my dad, mum, brother and SMBF.

It may seem like I'm pretending to care about Naomi's sensitive and that she may have lots of nosebleeds again due to all the fine dust irritating her nose but actually it…