Chinese blog

I have always wondered about people wrote the blogs in Chinese. Usually 2 lines into the blog I fell asleep. I can never understand what is it like to be writing in Chinese. I have decided to give it a try today. Here goes nothing,



Alright! That was my pathetic attempt at writing a Chinese blog. Not that my Chinese is not good. In fact, fyi, I excel in my language very well indeed. I just prefer to converse in English.

I feel like I can convey my feelings much better in English than in Chinese even though I had like a higher score in my Chinese than in English. That's weird now when I think back about it.

Anyway, I just did a very bo liao thing. I tried translating whatever I wrote in Chinese on Google Translate and this came out.

"Today is a sunny day, but I feel very fucking boring. So I just wanted to try to write the Chinese language blog, or else you think I fucking do it all right? I write to you, I really get stuck.

Your mother! Write the Chinese language blog really is very troublesome. Your grandmother, I do not write! So far!"


That's like so freaking funny though overall still quite accurate! Your mother! Ahahahahaha! Pardon me while I go laugh till my womb explodes in my uterus.


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