Living with 3 kids

Ever since my sis shifted home, I don't see my niece and nephew as often as last time which is like everyday. I see them once a week. Even when they occasionally sleep over at my place, they often fall asleep when they arrive at my parent's house.

Only recently when I stayed over my sis place for a few days, did I get to bond with them but honestly, staying at home with 3 kids is seriously no joke. The amount of mess they create, not to mention the shouting, screaming and squealing is horrible. Kudos to my sis helper who can handle 2 on a daily basis. Their temper no joke.

But there are also really funny and cute moments. Like how they complain about one another to me. If the complain is not resolved in time, the squealing and crying starts. That one not fun liao.

Sometimes, they sell each other out or as I like to call it, baotoh. Hahaha.. Go behind each other's back and spill out secrets of what wrong the other has done thus causing punishments to take place.

The past week has been really fun and tiring but I also enjoy spending time with my niece and nephew. Apparently, they enjoy having me around too.

Just yesterday evening, Dylan asked me why I'm still staying at his house. Is it because my house still dirty? I said yes and ask if he didn't like me staying? He gave a very shy look and said he likes it. Haha!

Then at night, when it was time for the kids to sleep, Ashley was crying for me. She kept screaming, I want Yee Yee! I want Yee Yee! And she didn't stop crying until I carried her in my arms patting her to sleep. She became quiet real fast and went into a stupor slowly falling asleep.

Awwwwww.. The kids bring me so much warmth and make me feel so wanted. I love them so much! As much as I love spending time with them, Naomi and I will be moving back to our house soon as the upgrading works are almost done.

I'm gonna miss the 2 little terrors but I know Naomi is homesick. When she is not having fun with her cousins, she is saying she wanna go home when I skype with SMBF cause her most favourite person is at home. Her beloved (spoil her rotten) Ye Ye. But I also know that after she goes home, she will ask to go Gu Gu house to stay. Very fickle-minded little girl.

I believe one good thing has happened during the sleepover though. I am definitely bonding closer with Naomi during this period of time. She wants me around most of the time. She cries when she don't see me and will go searching for me. She makes me feel like she is so vulnerable without me.

At least I know that though she might be afraid of me, she doesn't hate me for the times I punish her. She loves and needs her mummy no matter what happens. I feel so sweet in my heart right now just thinking about it.

Alrighty! I'm done writing here. Shall update again before I move home. Need to go for dinner now.


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