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Happy 4th Birthday To My Precious!

Mummy loves you always. <3

No future

It has been official. We have decided that we will not be getting married because according to him. He cannot see a future with me. So kindly avoid asking when we are getting married again. It ain't happening. We will just remain in an open relationship whereby 1 of us is free to go as and when we like it.Kthxbye

Happy 5th Birthday Dylan

Happy Birthday to my darling nephew! May you be blessed with good health always!

Royal Caribbean Here I Come!

I am feeling so excited! Am about to go onboard the Royal Caribbean Cruise Mariner of the Seas. Our long awaited holiday!
Screw the chipped tooth. Nothing is going to stop me from having fun and enjoying myself.
Bye bye Singapore! More blogging when I'm back!

2 Job Interviews and A Chipped Tooth

Went for 2 job interviews on Thursday and Friday. 1 for the position of recruitment agent and the other a sales position for a company that sells construction materials such as waterproofing membrane.

Me taking train to interview. My arms so fat it makes me depressed.
Both companies has yet to get back to me on whether they are hiring me or not but I'm also not sure if I wanna take up the jobs.

I was initially planning that if I still can't find a job by end of this month, I will go ahead and find some part time to do while take property license course. If I do get hired, I believe it is God's will and I might even excel in the job.

Cross my fingers. Don't really wanna think about it at this moment. Just wanna enjoy my cruise trip tomorrow.


I'm having some kind of bad luck. 1 of my tooth had to chip off 2 days before my trip. It chipped off half from top to bottom. Out of desperation, I tried searching for dental clinics that open 24 hours and luckily 1 was ope…

Naomi's 3rd Photoshoot

As promised, this is her 3rd and final photo shoot. Wanted to sign her up for another 3 photo shoots but SMBF say no budget so put on hold 1st. Without further ado, please enjoy the rest of her photos.

Naomi's 2nd Photoshoot!

I'm so sorry. I know I'm very late in posting up this photos. I will post the 3rd photo shoot photos tomorrow. Nonetheless, please enjoy!

Ain't she the sweetest? =)
I didn't have suitable clothes for her during this particular photo shoot so the very professional photographer took a skirt and turned it into a tube that she was wearing in the photos. Cool huh?

Up And Running

Google somehow managed to screw up my account causing my 3rd party domain to be inaccessible for a few days. Was really pissed off as I had to revert back to my old blog address causing me a lot of inconvenience.

Thanks to their google customer service Mr. Francis Xavier who called me from New York and guided me step by step to accessing my account, my site is now up and running again. I gotta say it was a really good customer service provided and I'm really happy about it. I wish Singapore customer service is as good as theirs.

Kudos to Mr. Francis Xavier from Google! Thumbs up for you!

Anyway, my apologies to those who has been trying to access to my blog but unable to for the past few days. The problem has been resolved now. Happy reading!

Here is something to make you guys laugh.

Naomi's version of PPAP!

Joey's Wedding

Last Sunday I attended an ex colleague's wedding at Conrad Centennial. Actually he is more than just an ex colleague. He is a really good brother of mine.

I realize that I have been attending lots of wedding recently. Just last month, I attended a wedding of SMBF's ex colleague at M Hotel. This coming Saturday, we are going to attend another ex colleague's wedding at Furama Riverfront Singapore.

Feeling really broke this month man. With the upcoming cruise trip that we are going and Naomi's birthday celebration. Anybody got any job to recommend?

Speaking of weddings, I was reminded of something that happened years ago but that shall be another entry. This post is entirely made for Joey's wedding.

There is nothing much actually except for a few self whoring photos. I just wanna say how happy I am for him. I wish him nothing more than a whole of love, happiness and bliss in his life with his wife.

Without further ado, self whoring pics coming up.

Me and SMBF having j…