2 Job Interviews and A Chipped Tooth

Went for 2 job interviews on Thursday and Friday. 1 for the position of recruitment agent and the other a sales position for a company that sells construction materials such as waterproofing membrane.

Me taking train to interview. My arms so fat it makes me depressed.

Both companies has yet to get back to me on whether they are hiring me or not but I'm also not sure if I wanna take up the jobs.

I was initially planning that if I still can't find a job by end of this month, I will go ahead and find some part time to do while take property license course. If I do get hired, I believe it is God's will and I might even excel in the job.

Cross my fingers. Don't really wanna think about it at this moment. Just wanna enjoy my cruise trip tomorrow.


I'm having some kind of bad luck. 1 of my tooth had to chip off 2 days before my trip. It chipped off half from top to bottom. Out of desperation, I tried searching for dental clinics that open 24 hours and luckily 1 was opened on a Sunday so I went this morning to see what the dentist can do.

I couldn't sleep the whole night because I'm worried that instead of mending my tooth, I need to have it extracted. A whole lot of mixed feelings. I almost cried.

Went to the dentist with a heavy heart this morning. Took an xray and my worst fear was confirmed that I need to do an extraction. I am depressed beyond words.

NAH! Just kidding!

Thank God I was able to do a restoration instead. I shall take care of my teeth more carefully from now on. I don't want karma to fall on me for always laughing at my mum's dentures.

The dentist that treated to me is really nice. She seems to sense that I have a fear for visiting dentist so she made my experience less traumatizing.

She actually gave me a dose of anesthesia on my gum so I don't feel any pain when she is drilling my tooth. I am so going back to this dentist again to fill up all my cavities.

My gums are feeling a bit sore and swollen now after the medication wears off. I do not dare to eat anything out of fear. I hope I feel better tomorrow. Wouldn't want to miss all the good food on the cruise.

God Bless My Soul!


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