Home Sweet Home!

Finally back to home on my comfy comfy bed. Still a major thanks to my brother-in-law and sister for letting me and Naomi stay at their place. I'm beginning to miss my niece and nephew. =(

Actually, I been home since last Thursday but there's a lot to do like packing and cleaning up the house for the paintwork last Sunday then cleaning and packing again after the paintwork.

Most major cleaning has been done, therefore able to take a breather to write this post. There are still many unpacking to be done. Did not have a good sleep at all even though I'm lying on my comfy bed. Partly contributed by SMBF's incessant snoring that kept me up.

On a side note, my mom was admitted into the hospital on Sunday because her legs became very swollen like pig's trotter. Thank God it's nothing serious and she has been discharged today.

Seems like a very busy week ahead of me. Sean will be enlisting into army this coming Thursday. Will take loads of pictures of his botak head. Muahahahaha.. We will be having a farewell dinner for him tomorrow.

Subsequently, I'm having an appointment on Saturday for manicure because there is a wedding to attend on Sunday.

The following week another wedding. So many weddings. So much money out but not a single cent in because I'm jobless. Been applying for so many jobs but none got back. Feeling really depressed.

Shall end this entry here because I'm depressed.


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