Sean's enlistment

My brother has finally enlisted into NS on 6th October. My parents, me and my sister accompanied him to Tekong that day.

We woke up at 7am that day. I did not sleep the whole night again thanks to SMBF enchanting snores. We left the house at 8am sending Naomi to childcare 1st then we moved off to Pasir Ris.

Arrived Pasir Ris at 9am and honestly, the air there is so much fresher. Anyway, we had some breakfast at Mac's. I could tell Sean was feeling nervous and he didn't seem to enjoy the sausage mcmuffin I got for him.

Look at the forced smile on his face

After breakfast, we made our way to the interchange to take the bus that will send us to the SAF Ferry Terminal.

All photos that day are taken with my dad's brand new selfie stick. I didn't know he likes to camwhore that much. My goodness. He is a bloody noob using the selfie stick. Very often, he would take a long time to take the photo because he can't find the button to push. We keep ending up blocking people's way. Fucking embarrassing can? He can't aim well for nuts and he keep hitting people's head with his selfie stick. Me and Grace keep bursting into laughter at his idiosyncrasy.

Anyway, on the way to the queue, an officer in uniform came up and told Sean he can't board the bus because of his attire. He wore tattered jeans and it wasn't allowed. My parents had to rush off with him back to White Sands to get him a new pair of pants.

While waiting for them to come back, I was worried they wouldn't be able to get a new pair of pants as I don't think retail shops open that early and we had to get on the bus latest by 10.30am.

Thank goodness we are not alone. I saw a young boy with his mother and aunts that were already in queue and was about to board the bus get out of queue because he was also wearing tattered jeans and had to get new ones. A few others was caught too.

Shortly, they came back with Sean wearing a pair of army prints pants. Apparently, my mom has to ask the retail shop employees to open their store earlier so Sean can get the pants and make it back to board the bus on time.

So for any young man yet to enlist in army that happens to come across this post. Please take note. When SAF say proper attire means proper. Don't "play play" with SAF but also don't go wearing shirt, pants and tie. You asking for a beating. They will think you trying to be funny.

I need to digress a little. I saw 2 man wearing shirt, pants and a red tie giving out bibles to new recruits. How the hell they know who is Christian or not? Is the bible meant for warding away evil spirits? Wouldn't it be funny if there were monks dressed in robes chanting and giving away tailsman or scriptures? I would definitely find the sight funny. Not in an offensive way of course. I have respect for all religions except maybe I don't like City Harvest that much. I myself is a Catholic and feel that they really give a bad name to Christianity.

Anyway, back to the main topic.

Waiting in line for the bus.

On the bus travelling to SAF Ferry Terminal

At SAF Ferry Terminal waiting to board

Before boarding

Anybody can see the stupid face?

His smelly head!

On board the ferry

And we finally arrived! Everyone's 1st time here because during my dad's time, no training in Tekong.

Tekong is welcoming you. Don't give that face.

From far look like chalet sia

We were separated from Sean the moment we enter Tekong to go view the bunks he is gonna stay in. On the way there, we went past the SOC. All recruits during BMT will need to pass this obstacle course with 6 mins.

Viewing the bunks

They have examples of how a stand by bed would look like. The big red pail there is for them to wash their uniform. No more bringing home uniforms to wash. No comfort of using a washing machine. Poor Sean.

Awaiting for a speech from the Commanding Officer in Tekong followed by the oath from all the recruits and National Anthem.

It was during the oath when I started to feel teary. My brother is finally growing up. Gonna be trained from Boys to Men. I feel so proud of him and yet at the same time feel so worried for him. Although he doesn't say, I know he feels a whole lot of uncertainty within him living, eating and training in an unknown place with unknown people and it breaks my heart to see him feeling so lost. We finally get to see him again when leaving the auditorium.

On the way to the canteen to try out their canteen food. Sean looks really sad. He knows this will be the last meal we are having together until he books out.

At the canteen having our lunch. We had some western lunch. Drumstick with rice with lots of mixed beans, hell lots of broccoli, mashed potato and soup. It taste okay I guess but I also know this is not what they are getting everyday. Drumstick comes once in a blue moon. Most of the time they have chicken wings.

Once again, my tears threatened to fall out of my eyes here. The P.A. system sounded and said that all recruits were to assemble soon. Parents can go to 1 side to say goodbye. All of us gave Sean a quick hug and I had to hold back my tears because it would probably make Sean feel worse if he sees me crying.

After assembling, we stood at a side and waved as hard as we can to Sean. Then very slowly, they turned and walk towards another building to start their new BMT lives. We also made our way slowly towards the Ferry Terminal.

Waiting to board the ferry that will send us back to SAF Ferry Terminal.

From here, things started to become funny. Grace and my dad made some joke and we laughed till our stomachs cramped with tears flowing out till my eyeliner was smudged.

Apart from that, we are still seeing new batches of recruits flowing in to Tekong. My dad say let's stay for dinner here. We laughed again. Then my dad saw a really huge boy coming in with his family.

My dad started pointing at the boy and speaking very loudly to us. "Wah! You all see that obese boy. If he is Sean's buddy jialat liao la! That kind of size confirm jialat in BMT!"

At this point of time, I really don't know where to hide my face. The boy's mother was staring at my father when walking past us. It would have been funny if she wasn't staring at us. My father talk so loud like he is afraid that the mother can't hear him. What an ass!

This photo was taken the night before when he all gather to give Sean a farewell dinner. His head looks so funny and small in this picture. Like an egg. Hahaha!

This marks the end of this entry. Sean called us that night and everything seems to be okay. Following day he msg us and said that he cried when talking to his gf. Think he miss us too much. And now, he seems to be getting used to army life. We will be seeing him soon on the 20th Oct when he books out for the 1st time.

Sean, if you are reading this. Jie Jie wants you to know that, although you are sometimes a huge pain in the ass, although sometimes we fight, I still love you very much! Jie Jie is very proud of you. Proud to have you as my brother!


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