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Little Angels

Had this sudden thought while looking at Naomi sleep last night. Ain't kids really cute and angelic when they are asleep? It's the only time they ain't making us angry with their antics and making us love them so much more. Then all we will want to do is to keep kissing their faces when they are sleeping.

Isn't she adorable when she's asleep? So peaceful. My little angel. Loves! <3
Personally, I like to plant my kisses all over Naomi when she is asleep and slobber all over her. Hahaha. It's a tad irritating to her I think because she will always fidget here and there then struggle to move away everytime I do that.
At least I'm better than SMBF who does stupid things like lifting her arms then letting it free fall many many times. Each time with him making silly giggling sounds when her arm falls. That 1 more irritating la. Yet I hate it when she have no reaction when he does that to her yet will move away when I kiss her. Grrrrrrrr..
I wonder if I also l…

Royal Caribbean Cruise - Mariner Of The Seas Day 4

Finally, the end of the entry of my experience on The Royal Caribbean Cruise - Mariner Of The Seas as there is nothing to talk about Day 5. It is simply the day the ship docks back to Singapore and you gotta get down the ship by 8.45am. That is if you don't use their service of assisting you to move your luggage down.

If you are really that lazy or wanna stay in the ship longer though there are no entertainments left, you can use their service. All you have to do, is to tie a tag to your luggage that they provided in your room the night before onto your luggage and leave your luggage out at the corridor before 10pm. Take note of the number on the tag as that will be the number they call when it's your turn to get down the ship. Obviously, I chose to carry my own luggage down.

I forgot to mention that I actually saw my friend Soh Hong Wei onboard the ship during lunch despite so many thousands of people there. Can someone say coincidence? He was there with his girlfriend. So sn…

Royal Caribbean Cruise - Mariner Of The Seas Day 3

If there is anything I am unhappy about this trip, it's when we dock at Phuket. Everything went downhill from this day. Shall explain more further down the post.

Everyone of us was super excited about this day because we finally arrived at Phuket. All of us thought about arriving at Patong Beach, getting a tan and having fun with all the water sports they have there but little did we know the horrors that await us.

In the morning, we went to queue for tender tickets. It's to help facilitate the crowd smoothly to the smaller boats that will carry us towards the dock instead of having everyone crowd at that area. Only those that signed up for their excursions onboard the ship will get to go down without getting a ticket. The excursion cost like 100USD per person. Anyway, we got number 21 and so we wait.

We went up for breakfast then stayed around public area to listen for the announcements of the number called. You can't hear the announcement in your room. It was only until …

Royal Caribbean Cruise - Mariner Of The Seas Day 2

I forgot to mention that I was on a 5 days 4 nights cruise trip to Port Klang and Phuket. I also forget to mention that the drink package price is for per pax only.

So anyway, on the 2nd day on the cruise, we arrived at Port Klang but we didn't get down the ship because according to SMBF, Port Klang is like an industrial area. There is nothing much unless you wanna spend money to take a cab out to KL.

So we woke up rather early to go for breakfast. You can choose to either have buffet breakfast or ala carte. We decided to give the ala carte a try so we went to the dining room on another level. Buffets are always on deck 11 where all the swimming pools are.

 The menu for breakfast
Daily Ultimate
After breakfast we went to walk around at the decks again taking in the scenery.

As I mentioned previously, they provide you daily itineraries for the next day which can be found in your room the previous night so you know what to do the next day. As it seems, there is gonna be a m…