Little Angels

Had this sudden thought while looking at Naomi sleep last night. Ain't kids really cute and angelic when they are asleep? It's the only time they ain't making us angry with their antics and making us love them so much more. Then all we will want to do is to keep kissing their faces when they are sleeping.

Isn't she adorable when she's asleep? So peaceful. My little angel. Loves! <3

Personally, I like to plant my kisses all over Naomi when she is asleep and slobber all over her. Hahaha. It's a tad irritating to her I think because she will always fidget here and there then struggle to move away everytime I do that.

At least I'm better than SMBF who does stupid things like lifting her arms then letting it free fall many many times. Each time with him making silly giggling sounds when her arm falls. That 1 more irritating la. Yet I hate it when she have no reaction when he does that to her yet will move away when I kiss her. Grrrrrrrr..

I wonder if I also look angelic when I'm asleep that SMBF would want to plant kisses on my face? I think not. I probably look constipated from lack of sleep due to having incessant snores sounding like a train going past my ear every second of my life. I feel like cutting his nose off.

I don't know man. Is it just me or are all mothers like this? Maybe I'm a perverted mummy. Hehe. I also love to smack and squeeze her buttocks cause they so firm and bouncy la! DOINK DOINK! I will just smack for no reason at all just to hear the sound her buttock makes. Till this day, she does not allow me to stand or even walk behind her for fear of me doing the perverted act.


Omg! I am a perverted mummy and I sincerely believe I am not alone. All perverted mummies speak up leh. I'm speaking of perverted in a joking manner. I do not condone real, serious, sick perverts. If you rape your own son or ever have the thought of raping them. Please do not talk to me. I'm not interested in your sick ways of life. F**k off yo!

End of random bo liao post.


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