Royal Caribbean Cruise - Mariner Of The Seas Day 1

I know I should have written this post since I'm already back for quite sometime. But for a few reasons I didn't.
  1. I wasn't feeling very well after I got back. Had been feeling dizzy. Keep feeling like I'm still onboard the cruise.
  2. I didn't remotely felt like writing.
  3. Distracted by stuff like cross stitch, games I bought for my Xbox and the U.S. President Election.
Actually, I still don't really feel like writing but I shall just get this over and done with. Shall do day by day entries instead else this post will be super long.

Overall, I would say that I enjoyed myself very much. It was the nicest holiday I have ever been to. The staff onboard are super nice and friendly. Most importantly, all staffs on board are of different nationalities and not Singaporeans! Feels nice for a change to be served by ang mohs. Some very good looking too! Heh heh! Eye candy sia. I drool everywhere I go. I would definitely want to travel with Royal Caribbean again!

On the 1st day of the cruise, I know the ship says it sails off at 5pm but you can be there earlier. I would suggest you to do an online check in 1st so when you are there, you can just show them the documents and proceed in smoothly.

We arrived at 11.30am to check in to the ship. You can just leave your luggage with the staff outside. You just need to print the tag they provided for you when you do the online check-in. They will help you bring your luggage up to the floor you are staying along the corridors.

You will be given your sea pass card that has your name, room number, your dinner dining area and table number if you chose a fixed timing to have your dinner. This will be your room card and also charge card for anything you purchase onboard. You will make payment for it on the 2nd last night of your cruise if you chose cash payment. If you using credit card then it's fine. They will link your credit card to your sea pass card. Just wait for the bill to come. Everything is charged in USD btw.

I would recommend you to bring along a water bottle for refilling of plain water but their water coolers can only be found in certain areas. They do offer drink packages. There are a total of 3.

The 1st and cheapest is the soft drinks package that cost USD8.50 per day BUT you cannot just purchase for 1 day. You gotta purchase for the whole trip. This package consists of coke and sprite only. Unlimited la of course. Drink until you puke. They also give you a free tumbler. Just bring it everywhere you go to refill at any bar. You will be given a sticker on your sea pass card to indicate which package you bought. Just show the card with the sticker to any bartender and tell them what you want and they will fill it up for you.

The 2nd package will be the juice package. It cost USD26 per day. You can request for juices or special coffees like latte all this. Normal coffees are free onboard.

The 3rd and last package would be the alcohol package. It cost a freaking USD55 per day! And for the whole trip, it would cost a total of USD250+ depending on how many days you are travelling. But if you don't mind being high everyday, this package is quite worth it.

If you are really interested in getting the drinks package, I would suggest you to get it before you board the ship. There will be a promoter walking around to get sales. If you only decide to get it after you board the ship, you will need to pay an extra 18% gratuities.

Waiting to board the ship at the waiting area after done with check-in

Our room

Pretty spacious huh? We took the balcony stateroom.

At the balcony

The rooms weren't actually ready till 1pm so we were kind of being chased out of our room. So we went to have buffet lunch then walk around.

 They have a huge ass area for shopping malls.

 There are lots of branded stores around. If you like branded stuff, you will love this place. Every night they have different discounts and promotions for all sorts of branded stuff.

 Entertainments for the guests. Duet singing.

Honestly, the 1st day was a surreal blur. We didn't know what to do or where to go but no worries. They provide daily itineraries in your room on what kind of activities you can do. What special show you can watch or event that is going on. There will be a safety drill at 4.30pm on your 1st day onboard. You are to go the the designated deck indicated on your sea pass card. There will be staff guiding you along. After the safety drill, we decided to go watch the ship moving off.

 Moving off loh! Small bump boat helping to steer the ship to the right direction and to deep waters.

Titanic! Haha..

After this, it's off to dinner! We chose our dining time to be at 5.30pm. There will be 1 waiter and assistant waiter to serve our table and both of them will be serving us for the next 4 days. The waiter is from Albania, the assistant waiter from Kenya their service are absolutely fantastic!

Our menu for the night. Every night is different. You can also order everything more than once!

 Bay scallop gratin

Caesar salad

 Slow roasted beef striploin. Yummy!

 He having sour face because Naomi is being naughty.

Dessert menu

I ordered mango rice pudding but forgot to take a photo of it. I didn't quite like it. Their dinner was really nice though! Fine dining okay? If you want even better food, you can opt for another restaurant that requires you to pay extra. Like USD20+ per person? I didn't try it cause none of them wants to pay extra. I heard it's even better than the normal fine dining we had. My goodness. Must definitely try it if I ever travel on Royal Caribbean again.

After dinner, we walk around abit more going into the casino to take a look then proceed back to our room to rest as the kids are already tired.

That's all for Day 1!


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