Royal Caribbean Cruise - Mariner Of The Seas Day 2

I forgot to mention that I was on a 5 days 4 nights cruise trip to Port Klang and Phuket. I also forget to mention that the drink package price is for per pax only.

So anyway, on the 2nd day on the cruise, we arrived at Port Klang but we didn't get down the ship because according to SMBF, Port Klang is like an industrial area. There is nothing much unless you wanna spend money to take a cab out to KL.

So we woke up rather early to go for breakfast. You can choose to either have buffet breakfast or ala carte. We decided to give the ala carte a try so we went to the dining room on another level. Buffets are always on deck 11 where all the swimming pools are.

 The menu for breakfast


Daily Ultimate

After breakfast we went to walk around at the decks again taking in the scenery.

As I mentioned previously, they provide you daily itineraries for the next day which can be found in your room the previous night so you know what to do the next day. As it seems, there is gonna be a meet and greet session with Alex the Lion from Madagascar. Naomi's favourite cartoon character. So we decided to go see him.

Naomi is so happy to be able to see her favourite cartoon character come alive in front of her.

Following Alex, there is another meet and greet session with Gloria the Hippopotamus from Madagascar.

SMBF likes Gloria. Now we know he likes big tummy.

The rest of us were not there because we were all busy having buffet lunch. After lunch, I decided to try out the jacuzzi they are having, so me and all the kiddos went for a swim. The water in the jacuzzi is surprisingly warm. Can't say the same for the swimming pool though. It is super cold in the swimming pool.

A word of warning though. Do not jump into the swimming pool unless you want your mouth to be full of salt water. I think they use sea water in the swimming pool so the water is extremely salty and it makes you really thirsty.

We really laze around today cause after the swim, we brought the kids up for a nap and by the time we woke up, it's time for dinner.

 Our menu for tonight

 Cream of mushroom

 She insisted on taking a photo with the mushroom soup

 Grilled Butter Fish

 Fillet of Tenderloin

 Seafood Spaghetti

 This lady name is Veronica. She is the captain of all the waiters and waitresses on board. She came to see if we were enjoying our dinner and decided to entertain the kids.

 She made this for Naomi. It's called The Lady of Liberty. Haha! All the staff so nice la.

 This is made by our waiter Mr. Osman. Cool trick.

 Dessert Menu

 Bittersweet Chocolate Souffle! Super yummy! For people who loves coffee and chocolate.

 Our waiter and assistant waiter at dinner for the whole week. Nice people.

 The name of our dining room

We were all told to dress formal for tonight's dinner. Normally, you can just wear shorts and t-shirt. We got to know why we had to dress so nicely tonight after dinner. It was meet the captain night.

 The guy in the middle is the captain of the ship. I forgot his name. They are having a phototaking session. We didn't join in.

 So crowded at the Atrium. Some performance were going on. There was free champagne going around too.

 The captain making speeches and introducing the executive staffs of the ship.

 We came back to the room with a surprise!


Monkey in Grace room. Haha! Really cute.

If you are interested, they provide courses on the ship for you to learn how to use towels to fold into all this cute animals. I'm not sure if it's free or payable. I didn't go. Just saw that they have sessions of it on the itinerary. We went for a ice skating show after that. We were not allowed to take photos actually so I just took a few.

The show is very nice and entertaining. 

After the show ended, it's rather late already so we called it a day and went to rest.

End of Day 2.


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