Royal Caribbean Cruise - Mariner Of The Seas Day 3

If there is anything I am unhappy about this trip, it's when we dock at Phuket. Everything went downhill from this day. Shall explain more further down the post.

Everyone of us was super excited about this day because we finally arrived at Phuket. All of us thought about arriving at Patong Beach, getting a tan and having fun with all the water sports they have there but little did we know the horrors that await us.

In the morning, we went to queue for tender tickets. It's to help facilitate the crowd smoothly to the smaller boats that will carry us towards the dock instead of having everyone crowd at that area. Only those that signed up for their excursions onboard the ship will get to go down without getting a ticket. The excursion cost like 100USD per person. Anyway, we got number 21 and so we wait.

We went up for breakfast then stayed around public area to listen for the announcements of the number called. You can't hear the announcement in your room. It was only until about 1pm plus that our number is being called. So we proceed down to take the small boat.

There will be no more photos from here on until dinner time because we did not dock Patong Beach. According to them, the weather wasn't very good therefore they are unable to cruise to and dock at Patong Beach.

I don't know what the hell they are talking about. The weather looks mighty fine to me. A perfect day to be at the beach. Instead, we dock at some ulu Phuket Port which caused me seriously major disappointments. So, I recommend those who are going on this cruise to check out where you are 1st before getting down the ship.

Once we step out of the port, a bunch of bloodsuckers came towards us and try to get us to use their mini van services to go out either for shopping or visit their farms. It cost $3000 Baht which is like SGD$120 for all of us to rent their van to and fro but as we have limited timing since we arrived pretty late and also being the typical stingy Singaporeans we are, we refused to get our heads chopped by them.

We decided to stay around that area and walk around the stores they have there like our local pasar malams. As the roads there are full of mini vans, cabs and big ass vehicles, we had to walk into the very inner side of the road where all the stores are. We walk along and kept seeing silly angmohs getting chopped yet still claim very cheap! They pay USD somemore lor. Siao one. Too rich liao.

My dad having recce the area ahead of us informed us that there is a 7-11 ahead and some eateries beside it so we decided to have our lunch there. While walking along, Dylan kept pestering Grace to carry him but she couldn't as she was having a backache and so I told SMBF to carry Dylan instead.

Shortly after, the worst senario happened. As all of us were walking in front, none of us really saw what happened. All I know was that I heard someone shout and turned around. Next moment I saw Grace falling into a muddy puddle and a cab sliding off the pavement into the muddy puddle. Apparently, the cab lost control and knocked into Grace. Luckily the cab wasn't going very fast or Grace would have flew instead of sliding down.

As you can imagine, all of us were very shocked. The next moment, all of us surrounded the cab. With CK shouting at the cab driver and attempting to pull the driver out of the cab so he doesn't run away. I had to carry Ashley from him we can use both his hands to grab that idiot out.

All I remembered was all of us shouting at him and taking pictures of his car and him. He kept saying sorry but what's the point? Sorry ain't gonna cure the injuries my sister suffered. Grace was slowly standing up and sobbing as wherever he hits her is hurting badly. Her elbows and waist was badly scrapped and bleeding. She might have knocked her head too.

To this point, I must say I'm really disappointed with the locals there. A lot of them stopped and watch but none offered to help. Even when we requested for them to help us call the police, they did not budge. I am so fucking angry with them. Unlike the Indonesians who were so helpful and was the 1st to step out and help when I too was knocked down on the streets of Jakarta many years ago. And I thought Thais are nice and friendly people. Sooooooo disappointed with them. Really fucking assholes man to refuse to help at this kinda situation.

In the end, we made the cab driver bring Grace to the nearest hospital for a check and that he had to pay for it. He initially wanted to offer us $100 Baht as compensation. Treating us like beggars sia. Knn!

Only CK and my mum went with Grace. The rest of us stayed behind to wait for them. Ashley was already crying badly in my arms and kept asking for her mummy. Dylan on the other hand is the strong silent type who is actually holding back his tears.

I brought them to the 7-11 for some air-con. It took me some time to coax Ashley until she stop crying. Then I spoke to Dylan. He was silent all the way and I ask him to talk to him. His eyes started to well up with tears saying he wants his daddy. I told him that mummy is badly hurt and needs to see the doctor. Daddy has to take care of her so can't bring him along. I told both of them to be good boy and good girl stay with Yee Yee until Daddy and Mummy comes back. Thank God they are sensible kids and finally agreed. I bought them milos and they are rather happy again.

We waited for like about half an hour before they are back. Grace had some medications applied to her wound and apparently nothing else too serious. We were all very upset by the way things has happened and it was a rather defeated group that went back to the ship. Once onboard the ship, we went to see the doctor on the ship as we don't really trust the doctors there. Once again, thank God that she did not suffer more serious injuries. The only injuries she had was superficial and not internal.

We went back to our room to shower and went down for dinner.

 Our menu for the night

 Tom Yum Goong. I was halfway through when I remember I had yet to take photo of it. Not that nice.

 Royal Prawn Cocktail

 Coq Au Vin

 Thai Fish Curry (SMBF's order)

 Beef Burguignonne

 Cajun Spiced Tilapia

 Dessert Menu

Obviously I ordered the Chocolate Sensation but apparently the Key Lime Pie also very nice! My dad ordered and we tried.

It's piggy!

We went to complain about the incident to the customer service onboard the ship and all they did was give us a bottle of champagne free. Boo! We want a free trip man for all the inconvenience, shock and injuries. Royal Caribbean please take note and give us what we deserve.

End of Day 3.

p/s. Till this day, I still shudder to think what happens if Grace was carrying Dylan instead of SMBF. What would happen to my poor darling?


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