Royal Caribbean Cruise - Mariner Of The Seas Day 4

Finally, the end of the entry of my experience on The Royal Caribbean Cruise - Mariner Of The Seas as there is nothing to talk about Day 5. It is simply the day the ship docks back to Singapore and you gotta get down the ship by 8.45am. That is if you don't use their service of assisting you to move your luggage down.

If you are really that lazy or wanna stay in the ship longer though there are no entertainments left, you can use their service. All you have to do, is to tie a tag to your luggage that they provided in your room the night before onto your luggage and leave your luggage out at the corridor before 10pm. Take note of the number on the tag as that will be the number they call when it's your turn to get down the ship. Obviously, I chose to carry my own luggage down.

I forgot to mention that I actually saw my friend Soh Hong Wei onboard the ship during lunch despite so many thousands of people there. Can someone say coincidence? He was there with his girlfriend. So sneaky fellow lor he. Got girlfriend liao also never tell me sia.

So anyway, back to day 4. This is the day we are travelling back to Singapore, so we are all trapped onboard the ship to explore more. There isn't much photos for today except for the night though there is 1 really beautiful one I would like to share. It was taken from the balcony of my room.

Isn't it pretty? Look at the sparkles! I swear I didn't use photoshop cause I don't know how.

So today we explored and found out that in even higher decks of the ship, there are many fun activities you can do too. Kinda regretted not exploring earlier. They actually have a basketball court, mini golf course and tables for playing table tennis on 1 whole level. You can do rock climbing on another level up.

There are 2 air conditioned rooms at another level just next to a bar. 1 is a room where they provide all sorts of board games for families to play with and also poker cards. Another room consist of mahjong tables! Normal tables and automated tables yo! But for the mahjong room, you need to pay to rent the tables. If I remember correctly, it cost like 30USD for the normal tables and 45USD for the automated tables for like 2 hours? Correct me if I'm wrong.

As I mentioned previously, we are typical stingy Singaporeans so obviously we didn't rent the tables though we are sorely tempted. There was some sort of sale going on at deck 11. Watches at the usual price of 60USD is going at 25USD. Grace, CK and mom all bought a set for themselves. I had a wonderful and nice watch for my birthday from my beloved SMBF already so I didn't buy any.

We went for a swim again this time with the whole family with the exception of my dad. He chose to sit in a corner and listen to his MP3. Spoilsport. Did I mention? There is a huge ass screen on top of the swimming pool deck. Everyday at certain timing, they play a movie. Each day is a different 1 but same for that day. You can actually come up to watch the movie under the stars on those beach chairs they provide. Can lie down comfortably and watch movie or you can choose to soak yourself in the jacuzzi while watching the movie. Like shiok la!

I also like for a fact that there are no handphone signal onboard the ship so you don't get distracted by phones unless you wanna purchase their wifi onboard everyday for a ridiculously disgusting amount.

So, we slack around till it was time for dinner. We had a surprise this evening for we are celebrating Dylan and Naomi's birthday which is the purpose of this trip.

 Us camwhoring in our room before dinner. Bought my dress in Phuket. Very comfy!

 Going crazy with happiness in her princess dress

 Our dinner menu

 New England Clam Chowder

 Pan-Seared Sea Scallops. I had like 3 servings of this!

 Rosemary Lamb Shank

 Lasagna Al Forno

 Garlic Tiger Shrimp. I love prawns especially with garlic!

 Dessert menu


There was some performance by the waiters this evening. Singing and dancing. I can't seem to find the photos for that. Really not easy to do their job. Must serve must perform. I really admire their passion and commitment for their jobs. RESPECT! They provided 2 slices of cake for Dylan and Naomi. A few of the waiters and waitress came over together with the captain Ms Veronica and sang birthday songs for them! Again, I can't seem to find the photos. 

 Group photo with our very friendly and service committed waiters Mr. Osman and Mr. Evarestus. Thank you so much for making us feel so pampered and for making our trip so enjoyable!

Oh yeah! You are allowed to give them extra tips even though your trip amount already includes the gratuities. There will be an envelope given to in your room. You can write their name on it, put in the cash and pass it to them personally. I tell you. Their service is so good that you can't help giving them extras.

This time it's an elephant! Really cute la! You all should see Naomi's reaction. She was so happy she kept jumping around.

We didn't really spend much onboard except for me buying a Mariner Of The Seas cap and an authentic Michael Kors sunglass that still cost me a bomb though at half price. SMBF bought a lego set model of the ship.

And we come to and end of the trip. End of Day 4!

p/s: I mentioned that I demanded a free trip as compensation on my previous post for the screw up in Phuket. I was joking about it but admittedly, we were unhappy after we heard from friends who went before and after us that they all stopped at Patong Beach except us! Why us?

Royal Caribbean zuo mo ni jiang bad de? We suffered unnecessary injuries and distress sia. Overall, we still did enjoy very much on this trip la. I give you a 8/10 due to the Phuket incident. I hope the next time I go for a holiday on your ship again I would be able to give you a 10/10. =)


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