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Officially engaged!

He finally popped the question and I said YES! From now he will be known as SMF instead of SMBF! =)


I'm feeling rather bored at work now so I decided to blog. But what should I blog about?

Okay. I just had lasik done last month out of impulse for wanting perfect vision again. I am overall happy with the results though the fluctuation of my vision can be rather frustrating and the dry eyes symptoms is just irritating.

On certain days I see so damn clearly and on other days, vision is blurry as hell though I can still see everything without glasses. It's mostly affected when I'm facing the computer at work.

I don't really know what to expect but I was rather worried why my vision was still blurry on certain days so I decided to google for answers.

So it's rather common for vision to fluctuate during the 1st month after lasik. Also for people with super high myopia like me, vision may take up to 6 months to stabilize. That is a freaking long time but at least I am no longer worried that my surgery didn't go as well as planned.

Just went for a post 1 month eye re…

I feel miserable

Nothing seems to be going right for me. It started going downhill since yesterday when my mum decided to publicly shame me with SMBF standing up for me rebutting her thus causing people to think he is rude.

It's really sad when people listen to 1 side of the story and side the person not knowing what actually happened. Starts to blame you for things that has happened and look down on you.

It causes me misery when this comes from my own family members.

Then today, 2 of my colleagues decided to suddenly not talk to me. I don't even know what I did wrong to incur their wrath.

The way they treat me is damn obvious that they are ignoring me. We are all adults. If you are unhappy with me just spit it out! Why play childish games like this?

I thought this is finally the place I can stay and work happily but I didn't expect this to be another beginning of a nightmare.

I hate this feeling. It sucks! =(


Hello! Anyone still here? It's been a long time. I now would to say that I am a lazy fuck! Hahaha!Because I also stopped writing on my dayre after the initial few weeks. Kakaka! I shall not deny my laziness anymore.I think the only time I truly have something to write about is when I am pissed off. Need an outlet to vent out my frustrations else I would hardly write actually. That is to say my life currently is a happy one.I'm kinda selfish I guess not sharing my happy moments with people who would truly be happy for me.But, whatever.. There's a saying about being no news is good news yeah? I know that's for people who have gone missing or got involved in some freak accident.But if I were to start writing, it just means something bad has happened. So that saying applies on me as well. I don't care what you say.So ya.. I'm here today because I kinda miss my blog and I wanna say hello to people who still does visit my blog. Thank you for reading!


What is love? Love is not just about respect and self sacrificing.I personally feel that love is about communicating. With no proper communication, we wouldn't be able to understand each other and very soon the relationship will go down the drain with the reason of breakup as we don't understand each other.It has been the case like this for many couples. If only everyone be open to their other half. Most relationship would work out well. I wanted to say more but I can't rememeber what I wanna say.Just a random thought.


Will no longer be posting my daily life here. Have decided to switch to dayre which is much more convenient. However, this blog will still be kept here for any random deep thought rants that I may have or whenever I feel like writing some stupid long stories.


Again and again, we quarrel.Again and again, we fight.Always over the same issue.Always saying things that hurt each other.When will this ever stop? Does the real issue and problem always lies with me?Maybe it does and it's time to let it go.I don't want to hurt you but neither do I want to be hurt by you.I'm done crying again and again. I stopped being strong and independent. It's time to pick myself up again.I will not ask you to leave if you still wanna stay on and care for the daughter that you love so much even though she is not yours.Likewise, if you want to leave, I will not blame you or make you stay back.But, it is over between us. We are both free to live our own lifes. No more committment and mood swing issues to argue about or quarrel over.This is it. Thank you for the all the time and effort given.I'm sorry I can't be the gf you want me to be.I'm sorry for hurting you during the past 1 and 1/2 years.I'm really sorry and I hope you can under…

So far so good

Been on my new job for slightly more than a week. I'm still trying to learn the ropes in this new industry that I'm in but everything seems fine so far.
It's a rather small company with only 11 people in it but I know my boss is expanding the business. Everyone is nice to me in this new company.
It can get a little boring and sleepy at times when I'm just reading up on all the IT stuff trying to force my brain to understand and thus the photo below I took when I'm taking a break.

Am freaking amazed at all the beauty apps you used to take photo that can make you look so chio lor. I'm an amateur in this but I still think I look pretty good in that photo. Hahaha! What do you think?

Back to normal

Sorry for the lack of updates. Everything is back to normal. I'm still together with that idiot SMBF. I'm too soft hearted for my own good.I really have to remove the link that updates post on my personal fb because SMBF saw the update and went to read it. He was very upset for awhile but he deserves it la though it hurts me to see him sad. Think he is remorseful enough.Reason why I manage to forgive him is because I choose to focus on the good he has done instead of the bad and I can be doubly mean to him after that using his guilt. Wahahahaha!I guess it's the same in any and every relationship. If we always focus on the bad that the other party has done then it's game over very soon. No relationship will last. Unless your other half abuses you most of the time than being good to you then please leave that bastard.Many things has happened recently causing lots of drama. I have been personally traumatized and shocked with the things some people can do to their loved on…

So tired

I'm tired of the relationship I'm in. I wanna end it so badly. I don't feel the love at all. If there is no love then what is the point to continue in it?I just don't get it. In the beginning, he found Naomi so adorable and love her so much. But as time goes by, he changed. He finds her irritating and annoying.Why do people change so quickly? I really believe that he is the one but in the end all I get is disappointment.He has lost all tolerance for Naomi and me. If he doesn't have the patience in handling a child then why did he choose to be with me?It is so heart breaking but I have reached my limit. He chose 2 happy occasions to quarrel with me. Christmas and Day 1 of Chinese New Year. I tried not to shout but he kept shouting at me.I'm trying very hard not to cry because it is believed to be unlucky to cry on the 1st day on CNY but my heart hurts so much. I seriously doubt if we can last any longer. Hatred is building slowly within me.If I continue to be wi…

Happy Chinese New Year!

We would hereby like to wish everyone a very Happy Chinese New Year! Huat ar!


I finally completed my cross stitch so now I have all the time I want to spend looking at my computer screen all day. Can finally blog out my unhappiness.

Sighz.. It's very disheartening to be sending out loads of application for jobs daily to get no reply in return. What is wrong with all the employers out there? Is resume all that you see to decide if a person has potential? It is just a fucking piece of paper! Just like education certs!

Even the few interviews I went came back with disappointing results. I'm sick and tired of going to interviews, answering the same stupid questions every single time. Is it a trend this days for an employer to say how good they think you are but in the end doesn't employ you?

In the past, if a hirer mention how good he/she thinks I am then it's a guarantee plus chop confirmation that I will definitely be hired. Seems like it's not the case this days. They seem to say it for the sake of saying so as not to offend me like that. Knn…