Back to normal

Sorry for the lack of updates. Everything is back to normal. I'm still together with that idiot SMBF. I'm too soft hearted for my own good.

I really have to remove the link that updates post on my personal fb because SMBF saw the update and went to read it. He was very upset for awhile but he deserves it la though it hurts me to see him sad. Think he is remorseful enough.

Reason why I manage to forgive him is because I choose to focus on the good he has done instead of the bad and I can be doubly mean to him after that using his guilt. Wahahahaha!

I guess it's the same in any and every relationship. If we always focus on the bad that the other party has done then it's game over very soon. No relationship will last. Unless your other half abuses you most of the time than being good to you then please leave that bastard.

Many things has happened recently causing lots of drama. I have been personally traumatized and shocked with the things some people can do to their loved ones.

Shall talk about it another day. I'm actually writing this post on my phone while caught in the jam to JB. Trying to distract myself cause I really need to pee badly and I'm nowhere near Singapore custom. It has been 2 hours already. Oh God! Please have mercy on me.

On another note, I have some good news. I finally found a job and will be starting in March. I'm feeling a little nervous and also excited. I hope this will be a good start for me this year and SMBF can finally propose! I'm waiting. Hehe..

Sean has also travelled to Australia for his pilot training for 6 weeks. Hope everything will go well for him and he can pass with flying colours.

Abrupt end of entry with a photo of me to traumatize everyone that comes across this post.


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