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Again and again, we quarrel.Again and again, we fight.Always over the same issue.Always saying things that hurt each other.When will this ever stop? Does the real issue and problem always lies with me?Maybe it does and it's time to let it go.I don't want to hurt you but neither do I want to be hurt by you.I'm done crying again and again. I stopped being strong and independent. It's time to pick myself up again.I will not ask you to leave if you still wanna stay on and care for the daughter that you love so much even though she is not yours.Likewise, if you want to leave, I will not blame you or make you stay back.But, it is over between us. We are both free to live our own lifes. No more committment and mood swing issues to argue about or quarrel over.This is it. Thank you for the all the time and effort given.I'm sorry I can't be the gf you want me to be.I'm sorry for hurting you during the past 1 and 1/2 years.I'm really sorry and I hope you can under…

So far so good

Been on my new job for slightly more than a week. I'm still trying to learn the ropes in this new industry that I'm in but everything seems fine so far.
It's a rather small company with only 11 people in it but I know my boss is expanding the business. Everyone is nice to me in this new company.
It can get a little boring and sleepy at times when I'm just reading up on all the IT stuff trying to force my brain to understand and thus the photo below I took when I'm taking a break.

Am freaking amazed at all the beauty apps you used to take photo that can make you look so chio lor. I'm an amateur in this but I still think I look pretty good in that photo. Hahaha! What do you think?