I feel miserable

Nothing seems to be going right for me. It started going downhill since yesterday when my mum decided to publicly shame me with SMBF standing up for me rebutting her thus causing people to think he is rude.

It's really sad when people listen to 1 side of the story and side the person not knowing what actually happened. Starts to blame you for things that has happened and look down on you.

It causes me misery when this comes from my own family members.

Then today, 2 of my colleagues decided to suddenly not talk to me. I don't even know what I did wrong to incur their wrath.

The way they treat me is damn obvious that they are ignoring me. We are all adults. If you are unhappy with me just spit it out! Why play childish games like this?

I thought this is finally the place I can stay and work happily but I didn't expect this to be another beginning of a nightmare.

I hate this feeling. It sucks! =(


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