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I'm feeling rather bored at work now so I decided to blog. But what should I blog about?

Okay. I just had lasik done last month out of impulse for wanting perfect vision again. I am overall happy with the results though the fluctuation of my vision can be rather frustrating and the dry eyes symptoms is just irritating.

On certain days I see so damn clearly and on other days, vision is blurry as hell though I can still see everything without glasses. It's mostly affected when I'm facing the computer at work.

I don't really know what to expect but I was rather worried why my vision was still blurry on certain days so I decided to google for answers.

So it's rather common for vision to fluctuate during the 1st month after lasik. Also for people with super high myopia like me, vision may take up to 6 months to stabilize. That is a freaking long time but at least I am no longer worried that my surgery didn't go as well as planned.

Just went for a post 1 month eye re…