Back to work

Finally back to work after a 2 months hiatus. Long story short. I fractured my knee after falling down on a bus on 3rd Nov 2017 when the bus e-braked avoiding a lorry that dashed out from the filter lane, 2 days after I came back from my holiday in Thailand.

I have been in a cast for 6 weeks in total. It was pure torture. Thank God for SMF who looked after me during that time without a single complain. Every bath time is like going to war having to suit up and wear armour.

After removing the cast, my left leg is practically useless. My muscles have all weaken on me. Can't walk long distance without my ankle and calfs seizing up on me. Walking has become very unnatural for me. Can't bend my legs without feeling any pain so walking up the stairs and squatting down is taking a toll on my bones.

Sitting down is fine for me though but can't sit in the same position for a long time else my whole leg hurts when I try to move. My bones make a clicking sound whenever I try to bend my knees. Gotta go for physio therapy until when I have no idea.

Sighz.. Will be claiming against SMRT for my pain and suffering. I just hope that I will make a full recovery before my wedding shoot else my wedding and honeymoon is gonna be a painful one. I'm actually still on HL but I'm sick of staying at home plus I think that walking around bit by bit daily will help my muscles to get stronger soon. Please pray for me. Hope nothing like this ever happen to me again.

This is me on my 1st day going back to work. I look okay but I'm in pain. =(


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