You are tired but so am I

As much as I want to start a family with you because you are well worth the effort and time. Because I love you so much I think you deserve to have a family.

But things are not going to work out if you are not willing to make a change when things happen. When you constantly think that everyone is going against you.

I really want to and is making an effort to make things right but I cannot do this alone. All I ask is for you to change your approach to things but you choose to be stubborn, choose not to be flexible.

The changes made now is not just for the present but for the future as well. You never did think that far right?

I may say things that hurt you in the process but that's because I want you to wake up! To listen to what I have to say and not always insisting your way.

Since we are not able to communicate effectively and come to an understanding. I think it is pretty pointless to carry on. This has not happened once or twice but an ongoing issue with nothing done to resolve it.

I really want to end all this misery once and for all. For a better future that you can have without me, Naomi and my family.

I honestly think it's for the better. I don't know how long I can carry on with this. My tears just keeps flowing out while I'm in the office working.

I am tired and heartbroken. My tears are flowing and my heart is bleeding while I am typing this out. I keep feeling like I'm gonna have a breakdown soon.

I still do love you but being in love and being together is a different issue altogether. A marriage don't work on just love alone because that love will eventually turn into hatred if not properly treated and maintained.

If you really do love me as much as what you claim. Please let me go. Let go now better than when things turn for the worse in the future.

Going thru a divorce once is enough. I do not wish to go thru it a 2nd time and I do not wish for the same to happen to you too.

I think it's clear enough from this that we are not made for each other. Not meant for each other. It had been a happy 2 years while it lasted. I will never forget what we went through together. An experience that will always stay in my heart.

Thank you for your time and love. It's time to leave and end it.


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