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Stay awake!

I am so bored and sleepy that I changed my blogskin just to keep me awake. Now I'm typing out this bo liao post to continue keep myself awake.

I wish I can change my skin like how I change my blogskin. I'm saying this because I'm trying to keep myself awake. I keep dozing off every time I stop typing for awhile.

I am currently munching on alphabet biscuits that I stole from my colleague's desk to keep myself awake. I have no idea what else I can do to stay awake.

Can the time pass by faster please? I think I shall go toilet to take a nap.



Sorry that I been gone for so long yo! So many things are happening and I have been really really busy. It was a busy year 2018 but also a fantastic one!

So I'm gonna just put down the timeline of what has been going on so far in 2018 in point form because somebody requested for an update. =P

January - We went house viewing and finally found a unit that we both liked a lot!

February - Went for our wedding photoshoot! Settled the OTP for the house and bank loans and all the insurance shit. (We took bank loan btw. Ain't gonna let the Gahmen earn no shit from us.)

March - Waiting, waiting and more seemingly endless waiting..

April - Finally got the keys to our love nest! Met up with ID to discuss and went around choosing the tiles we like, purchasing ceiling fans and toilet accessories etc etc.. Boss attitude towards me started to change. SMF started his journey in RCIA to know God better.

May - Start of the renovation! Can't wait for it to be completed. Went around viewing a…