Sorry that I been gone for so long yo! So many things are happening and I have been really really busy. It was a busy year 2018 but also a fantastic one!

So I'm gonna just put down the timeline of what has been going on so far in 2018 in point form because somebody requested for an update. =P

January - We went house viewing and finally found a unit that we both liked a lot!

February - Went for our wedding photoshoot! Settled the OTP for the house and bank loans and all the insurance shit. (We took bank loan btw. Ain't gonna let the Gahmen earn no shit from us.)

March - Waiting, waiting and more seemingly endless waiting..

April - Finally got the keys to our love nest! Met up with ID to discuss and went around choosing the tiles we like, purchasing ceiling fans and toilet accessories etc etc.. Boss attitude towards me started to change. SMF started his journey in RCIA to know God better.

May - Start of the renovation! Can't wait for it to be completed. Went around viewing and purchasing furniture.. I seriously almost died here because apart from all the shopping which I really hate, I was suffering at work due the mental torture from my sick boss. (Will rant more on this topic when I'm free.)

June - Received a ridiculous verbal warning and finally broke down. SMF told me to screw it and just tender my resignation. He wants a happy bride and not a depressed one. Thank you dear for the support! We had a wonderful solemnization and wedding surrounded by many close relatives and friends who loved us! It is indeed a lovely day with a beautiful scenery at the Village Hotel Changi! We also consummated our marriage there. Oops! Too much info.

July - Left the sicko boss and his stupid company. Celebrated my birthday. Registered Naomi for Primary School! Our love nest has finally completed the renovation! We had it fumigated, had furniture delivered over, busy setting up lots of stuff that we bought from IKEA. We had lots of help from my lovely family especially my parents!

August - Finally found a new job. Love nest is ready for occupying but due to Naomi still attending CC in BB, we can only stayover during the weekends. Received fantastic news that Naomi has been admitted to the Primary School despite having to ballot! Thank God Praise The Lord! Went for our long awaited honeymoon!

September - Back from honeymoon and back to reality. Learning new stuff at work and busy planning for Naomi's upcoming birthday. Did a 入伙仪式 for love nest to HUAT AR!

October - 2 more days and we will be going to the chalet I organised for Dylan and Naomi's birthday party! Yummy BBQ! Can't wait! After that, there will also be celebration for Naomi in school on her actual day. SMH and I will be having our marriage blessed by Father Clifford too!

November - Will be having some gatherings organized at love nest for friends to come see see look look. Lazy to do house warming because I hate being in crowded places much less having the crowds at my own home. Naomi will have her final graduation concert and this time she has a huge amount of audiences as compared to previously.

December - Will officially move into our love nest! Xmas gathering for my bitches! SMH's birthday and I'm still thinking if I wanna go ahead with the surprise birthday treat or not. Sighz.. Money is the root of all evil.

That's about it! Will update more when the time comes and depends if I'm in the mood of cos. Here is a beautiful photo of me in case you forgot how I look.



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