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Sighz.. Went for a gynae checkup last Friday. I have put on more weight and the cyst in my womb is getting more and also bigger therefore affecting my menses to be come lesser and shorter time frame thus not able to predict my ovulation date.

Doctor Tan could have given me medication to help with regulating the ovulation date but the risk is high for someone overweight to get pregnant. Higher chances of getting high blood pressure, diabetes etc etc during pregnancy.

I was rather upset and slightly depressed that I won't be able to conceive so easily but SMH and I have decided to push back getting pregnant. The more important issue on hand is to lose weight to a healthy level 1st not only for conceiving but also for my own health.

He said that my ideal weight is 60+kg which was the weight I was at when I had Naomi and I have long since went beyond that weight eversince I met SMH. I am currently standing at 86kg. They say that people who are in bliss puts on weight which is so fucki…

Happy 6th Birthday to my Precious Darling Princess!

Happy 6th Birthday darling! You are growing up so fast! Mummy loves you lots! I hope you enjoyed your birthday celebration yesterday. You will always my sweet little gal. Muacks!