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It's been awhile since I wrote. Been busy since Naomi started Primary School. Have to constantly keep track of her stuff which has proven to be mentally draining. She is at the age where she doesn't know responsibilities like taking care of her stuff and taking ownership by not allowing other people to destroy her stuff.

The most worrisome issue is probably not knowing how she spends her allowance as she doesn't know how to count her money till now and doesn't bother to ask how much does her food cost. Sighz.. I'm dying here having to constantly nag at her till I almost feel like I'm breaking down.

It's a constant worry in my mind over what she does in school and if she is learning anything. It is heart breaking though to see her so tired everyday when she comes back from school. She attends after school care though so most of her homework is done there. I just have to go through and make it's completed and correct her if I spot any mistakes.

Other than that, SMH is finally nearing the end of his RCIA session. 1 more month to go and he will be baptized soon. I feel so happy for him but at the same time filled with guilt that for most of the time, I wasn't walking in this journey with him which I promised I would. He has been doing everything on his own just so he can fulfill his promise to me of having the same faith.

I have finally lost some weight. 6kgs to be exact. Not exactly ideal but it is hovering slightly below 80kg. Dr. Tan says that will do and I can continue to lose weight while I'm trying to conceive. It has been rather pressurizing as I see people close to me either having 2 kids already or is expecting the 2nd child while I'm still not able to get pregnant. I felt really useless for awhile and stressed out.

Still, we are gonna try our best as I wanted so badly to have a porky baby this year. I only have till April to try to conceive. If I'm not pregnant by then, my dreams of having a porky baby would be gone. I pray to God that he will bless me and SMH with another bundle of joy. Naomi is so grown up already she would be able to help look after the younger sibling and I'm very sure that she would definitely make a wonderful sister.

That's about it. Apart from Naomi having a Taekwondo competition soon. May she win a medal back. Hopefully, I would have good news to update soon.



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